Who we are

Our Unique Selling Proposition

We set standards. We have experience. We promote exchange.
Our water-jet assisted technology products are pioneering in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. We build upon long-time experience in medical technology and benefit from outstanding national and international research collaborations. We promote and support exchange with institutes, universities and doctors carrying out scientific research. The gentle water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) and the lipofilling procedure show our dedication in natural body shaping.

Naturalness, development, aspiration – this makes us the world-leading manufacturer of water-jet assisted medical equipment.

How We Present Ourselves

Our Appearance

Clarity and naturalness – we bring them into harmony with each other. We have therefore minimised the HUMAN MED® umbrella brand and put the signet with the dots on one side. It stands on firm ground and symbolises a strong foundation. Each product has its own colour code – this way we create an overview and foresight. Because we will be able to transfer this system to future products without any problems.

In our approach to the patient, we virtually produce a portrait of them and put them in the focus of our developments. Product and person meet at eye level.

What We Stand For

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Collector® 3

The HUMAN MED® brand appears in new colors - dark blue, white, turquoise, and light blue.

Associations with the colors:
Dark blue: trust, truth, seriousness, beauty, contentment, balance, regeneration
Turquoise: calm energy, wisdom, serenity, joy
Light blue: calmness, protection, relaxation, concentration
White: perfection, purity, simplicity

How we color our world.

How Our Appearance In
Writing Looks Like

Our Logo

In the running text the logo HUMAN MED® is written in capital letters – for stronger recognition factor and as a symbol of honest, down-to-earth product manufacturing and craftsmanship “made in Germany.”

Clearly expressing what we mean through a clear font

We are international. This is exactly why we use a font known to everyone and works everywhere. Everybody working with our brand has to be able to do so without barriers. Arial speaks a clear language, without frills, without catches. This is how we are: Warm, but forthright. Progressive, but consistent. Enthusiastic, but realistic.

How we show ourselves

The imagery for patients

The imagery
for doctors

Our product logos

HUMAN MED product logos

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